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Cemented Carbide Components, Robotics, Digging Equipment, Space Flight equipment, Spacecraft Systems, Satellite Mechanisms, Geotechnical, Excavation and exploration

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Actuation Systems, Emission Solutions, Automotive Electronics, GPS Tracking

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Biotechnology/Life Science

Genomics, Mass Spectrometry, Purification systems, Filtration, Bioanalytical Measurement Solutions, Reagents, Product Realization

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Test & Measurement, Calibrators, Multi-Meters, Monitoring Solutions, Gas Detectors

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Water, Energy, Wastewater Treatment, Water Management, Environmental Policy, Engineering Services and Support, Monitoring and Control Systems

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Food & Beverages

Pet & Human Ingredients, Palatability, Analytical Instrumentation, Food Safety, Toxicology, Hygienic Instrumentation, Liquid Level, Flow, Pressure Sensors

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Industrial Automation

Sensors & Controls, Motion Control, Condition Based Monitoring, Proximity Switches, Fluid Systems, Solenoid Valves, Transducers, Encoders, Robotics, Servo Motors, Drives & Amplifiers

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IT Technology Solutions

Fleet Management, Distribution Systems, Warehouse Management System, SaaS for Manufacturing, Cloud Migration

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Material Handling/Warehousing

Supply Chain Optimization, Conveyor Systems, Palletizing Systems, Robotic Systems, Sortation Systems, Storage Systems, Inventory Control Systems, Automated Guided Vehicle

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Metal & Mining, Tooling, Foundry, Materials & Compounds, Metallurgy, Water Treatment , Water Analysis, Agriculture Equipment OEM, Electro-Mechanical

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Medical Devices

Dental Equipment, Medical Device OEMS

Image representing /images/industries/oil-and-gas.jpg
Oil & Energy

Fault Recorders, Power Transducers, Fuel Dispensers, Petroleum Equipment, Submersible Pumps, Tanks Gauging Systems

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Packaging and Containers

Printing, Labels, Colorants, Flexible Packaging

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Animal Health, Human Pharma, Biopharma

Image representing /images/industries/product-identification.jpg
Printing/Product Identification

Laser & Engraving, Ink Jet, Coding Systems , Color Management, Print Process Control, Imaging Sciences, Track & Trace, Packaging Management Software

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Film Process Equipment, Nondestructive Inspection, Wafer Inspection, Package Inspection, Industrial Inspection