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Sandy Thorsbakken Talent Acquisition Manager/Recruiter
Photo of Sandy Thorsbakken

Having over 10 years’ experience in human resources, Sandy is an accomplished Corporate Account Manager for Grapevine's manufacturing and material handling clients. She is able to quickly accredit herself when speaking with candidates in these industries as her prior HR career allowed for her to work for large manufacturing and transportation/logistics organizations. During this time, Sandy worked in unionized organizations and gained her DDI certificate as a facilitator of leadership and workforce development.

Sandy’s career and passion coincide with positions that fall within the manufacturing and material handling industry space. With her vast experience in managing HR teams and working with a diverse population of employees, Sandy thrives in filling HR positions within any industry space.

Sandy handles a plethora of positions with a primary focus on HR, plant managers, supervisors, project manager, product managers, sales, and marketing. Her strong accountability and leadership skills keep her team on track to exceed all client’s KPIs when filling open job requisitions.