Omo Clement, Ph.D Talent Consultant
Photo of Omo Clement, Ph.D

15+ years in Life Science and Diagnostics marketing experience.As a high-level marketing professional, Clement has a history of working with the best talent

for all positions in senior management across all of Grapevine's Life Science, Diagnostics, Medical Device and Pharma business.

Omo specializes in Drug Design/Drug Discovery, Microarrays (DNA, RNA) & PCR technologies, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, Molecular and Clinical Diagnostics, Oncology Assays, RUO/IUO/IVD/CE IVD Assays and IVD Products.

After receiving his MS & PhD in Chemistry, he spent his career in labs, scientific software for pharmaceutical, biotech and material science research, then moved into Global Marketing for Clinical Diagnostics, Microarrays and Molecular Diagnostics industries.