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Just a quick note to 'Thank You' and your staff for the assistance you have provided over the past few years. It seems that our needs for 'people help' come in starts and stops, and that is why your help has been so valuable to us. It has become a password to just call Grapevine when our needs happen. This arrangement also allows us to get acquainted with each individual as they work with us, and yet not make any commitment until we are sure they will work to their benefit and ours for a permanent job. When we need someone it is so nice to be able to make the call and Grapevine will screen the applicants and send the only the individuals that fit our needs... saves us lots of time.

President Vanmark Corporation

Resourceful, responsive, reliable, and client-focused, Grapevine delivered many top-caliber candidates for difficult roles to fill. It is a pleasure having Grapevine on our team!

VP Human Resources PowerTeam Services, LLC

Mr. S is doing very well for us at Bunn. He has been the leader of several large projects and is very organized and gets the work done on time. He has a quiet demeanor that enables him to work well with others. He is very safety conscientious and wants to make a difference in his work. Thank you for your great staffing capabilities!

Human Resource Director Bunn O Matic

Grapevine does a great job in matching the candidate's background and qualifications to the open job position. They have filled positions for me, and we are extremely satisfied with the individuals they found for us!

Lead Engineer Haier America

Thank you for being so diligent and professional regarding my requests. It is refreshing to have someone respond to my inquiries and work with me the way you have.

Eric Manufacturing Manager

Susan and her team have done a wonderful job locating qualified candidates for Michael Foods. They were able to fill our Production Manager position in no time at all with a candidate who has exceeded our expectations. I never have to guess where we are in the process and I never doubt the candidates they send to us. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to our company, I am excited to be able to work with you and look forward to building a lasting relationship!

HR Manager Michael Foods

Grapevine is by far the best talent agent in the industry. The team is capable of locating candidates with extremely specific expertise at astonishing speed. Their approach is thorough and has never provided a candidate who they did not vet or feel confident in their abilities. Over the years, I have consistently seen Susan at conferences and trade shows, where she was learning more about the industries of her clients in order to better evaluate and capture candidates. All of my top performers were recruited directly by Grapevine. If I am looking for top performing talent, Grapevine is the only place I call.

Marketing Manager Datalogic

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Grapevine. During my time at Sauer-Danfoss, Grapevine supported the search, selection, and presentation of candidates, mostly engineers and other technical experts. The team was very personable, followed each recruitment task with high integrity and was very creative. Our assigned account manager was able to  scout and recruit an engineer from New York City for a position in Ames, Iowa and she did this in an excellent way – she was a wonderful ambassador for Iowa and our company.

Director of Procurement Danfoss

Our Corporate Account Executive was very diligent in the understanding of our job and personnel requirements and offered an excellent choice of candidates. We selected and hired an individual to be on our staff with much success. We plan to use GRAPEVINE again.

Vice President Industrial Hardfacing

We have had great success working with Grapevine to fill several critical positions.   Grapevine's CEO and VP are resourceful, focused and quickly delivered viable candidates that now occupy important leadership roles.   We were pleased with the process and will work with Grapevine in the future.  

Ron, President Hyperion MT

Grapevine has been a key part of our ability to recruit and hire high-quality talent for our sales organization.  Their dedication to understanding our needs and working with us to find the right candidate both from qualifications to personality has been exceptional.  They are great at communicating through the entire process and work continuously to make the process easy and seamless.  They are a true asset for companies looking to obtain the very best talent in any industry.

VP of Sales


It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person! I can tell you're a warm, genuine, kind-hearted person. I appreciate your time and the interview opportunity. I'm excited and optimistic about the outcome but no matter what the company decides, I'm appreciative of the opportunity you created for me. Thank you again for giving me so many opportunities to review. Have a fabulous day!

Howard J. Manufacturing Manager

I hope you know how much I have appreciated you representing me. You are very good at your job at it is a pleasure working with you.

Patti Brand Manager

Grapevine very professionally handled my case throughout the entire hiring process. Effective and accurate communication resulted in a job offer. My personal experience with majority of staffing companies and their representatives I worked with is stay away from them. That is not the situation in this case thanks to my personal recruiter at Grapevine. 100% positive feedback.


Thanks, and now I know EXACTLY why Dennis said that you ARE THE BEST! :) You don't find great recruiters like you! Thanks for your personal assistance.


Grapevine got me the job I have today! We worked together to make sure that my current position was a great fit, not just for me, but for the Company as well. Grapevine was always available to answer my questions, and helped me know what to expect in the interview process so that I could be properly prepared. I would highly recommend Grapevine. They give you to tools for success to land a career.

John Engineering

Thank you for placing me in this role. Six months later, everything is still going well. “AV” is a great company and most of my work is what I expected. I don't think I would need a job in the near future and see me being here long term thanks to this placement. If I hear somebody is looking for a job I will definitely refer them to you.

Anonymous Finance

Susan Dunphy has tremendous follow up along with time and attention to detail. It speaks volumes that both you and Danaher are partnering together to nurture your network.


Grapevine was extremely helpful throughout my entire interviewing process. I worked directly with my recruiter who provided coaching as well as helped me prepare for my interviews. I felt like she had my best interests in mind and represented me well when working out offer logistics. She was very supportive, checking in with me and offering further assistance. She has since checked in with me post being hired as well, continuing to offer her services and showing a genuine sense of caring on how my experience has been thus far. Her thoughtfulness has been most appreciated during our partnership. 


Ferrin Fluke, Sales Operations

I worked with Grapevine Talent on what I would consider my “dream job” in 2019.  I have been in the workforce for over 25 years and have spoken with dozens of recruiters during that time.  The level of professionalism, follow-up, and courtesy that Grapevine treats its customers with is second to none.

For me, working with a recruiter is a life decision, and probably one of the most important relationships that you can build.  Most recruiters treat their candidates as a business partner, and not a person.  I did not get that sense from working with Beth.  She treated me as a person.  A person looking to take the next step in my career.  That step would help me improve my life, my family and the ability to reach my personal and professional goals.

It is incredibly difficult for a recruiter to balance her client’s objectives with those objectives of the candidate.  It’s a balancing act, and in my experience, one where the recruiter is simply looking to fill a requisition.  During my time working with Beth, she asked many questions surrounding my interest in the position and if I felt it was right for me.  She explained the position, the company, the culture and how I could excel in that position.  I never felt that I was being “sold” the role.  This was either going to be a true marriage between me and the company, or not a good fit.  This was unlike many of the previous conversations I have had in the past with recruiters or hiring managers.

At the end of the day, I was not pressured during the entire process.  I was given all the data to decide and felt that I was guiding the process, and not being pushed through the process.  I cannot say enough about how seamless and enjoyable the process was working with Beth.  She removed the typical pressure, and apprehension that usually comes with finding a new position.  I highly recommend anyone looking for their “dream job,” or companies looking for the best candidates to allow Grapevine to help.

Dan Matco Tools, General Manager

I strongly endorse Grapevine as a professional recruiter. They are aware of the candidate's relevant experience for the position. Sandy's communication is extremely strong. She follows up each step of interview process. She is truly one of the very best recruiters I worked with.

Charn Regional Sales Manager

In my search for an employment change, I was lucky to come across Grapevine. My recruiter was honest, answered all of my questions and was very professional. She even followed up me after I was hired to make sure everything was working out for me.

Russell Dematic, Regional Account Manager

My experience working with Grapevine was by far the best recruiting team I have ever worked with. Their efforts landed me a position with a great manager and a team to match. This was very important to me, and Susan and her team nailed it. I was never misled and details of the position were never exaggerated (something that I have experienced with other agencies). I would highly recommend Grapevine, and will definitely use them in the future as a client this time!

Laura Romer Labs, North America Sales Manager

I wanted to thank Grapevine for the help they provided during my placement process. The attention to detail, time and effort provided through the process was outstanding.  As I continue to my upward path in my career I will continue to reach out to Susan for her assistance.  What a great team!

Henry Tektronix, Field Service Manager

I've never had a smoother interview process in my entire career! Everything from the quick check-ins to wish me good luck to the in-depth pre-interview prep documents made me feel like a truly valuable asset rather than another name in a sea of applicants.

Jessica Scientist

My entire experience working with Grapevine was first class. The team was there for me every step of the way from the initial phone interview right through the offer. They provided sound advice and guidance through what can be a very stressful process and made my transition into my new company as smooth and comfortable as it could be. I am very grateful that I was fortunate enough to work with such professionals and have recommended them several times over since.  Three years later I am in my dream job and continue to appreciate everything about the process I went through to get here. You will not find a better, more professional team in the staffing business.

Sean, Account Manager Dematic

I had the pleasure of working with Grapevine during the recruiting process. I wasn’t looking to change positions but after further conversations with Julie and the potential position, she helped facilitate the hiring process. I appreciate her help in representing me and making the process extremely enjoyable. She facilitated clear and straightforward communication to ensure both me and the hiring company would be satisfied. She is very good at her job and I would recommend her to anyone! I wouldn’t be happy in my new position if she hadn’t reached out to me.

Courtney, Regional Account Manager Biomin

I highly recommend Grapevine.  Julie worked with me and she was very professional and set me up with a great company. She was always straight forward with me and answered every question I had. She will work in your best interest to achieve what you are looking for in a company, don't hesitate to use Julie to advance your career!

Nathan Industrial Hardfacing, Controller

Grapevine was so wonderful to work with as a candidate! Applying for and interviewing for jobs is quite a stressful experience.  However, with Grapevine's wonderful help, guidance, and support, my process of obtaining a job went smoothly. They ensured that I was up to date the entire time so I wasn't waiting around hoping to hear back from someone like I was for other jobs. Jessie was enthusiastic, positive, and upbeat throughout the process ensuring I had all my questions answered.  Grapevine went above and beyond to make sure I was well prepared for each stage of the interview process. I would highly recommend Grapevine!

Angela Legal Department

Grapevine was fantastic to work with when Julie reached out to me for a new opportunity. In spite of the unique circumstances that enveloped the year 2020, she made sure the hiring process was as smooth as possible for both me and my employer. Also, it was clearly evident that she always strived to achieve a win-win scenario for both parties. Having great situational awareness and professionalism, I recommend Grapevine if you are seeking a new opportunity.

Sam Innovation Scientist