The Grapevine Way

Corporate Account Manager
Each Client is assigned a Corporate Account Manager that provides their upmost
attention to the Client. The Corporate Account Manager manages all requisitions and
ensures that the Client's KPIs are exceeded. The partnership between the Corporate
Account Manager and the Client allows for continual success by learning the
organization's structure, culture, climate, and industry trends. The Corporate Account
Manager oversees the assigned key recruiters to ensure only the best-of-the-best
candidates are sent for Client review.

New requisitions
Each new job requisition requires a vital set of information to ensure the success within
the candidate screening process. The Corporate Account Manager will request
information such as the hiring manager's name and history, detailed job description,
salary range, why the position is open, the top 5 requirements, and the top 5 items on
the unicorn candidate list.

Finding the Unicorn
Industry Trade Shows, corporate open houses, new product launches - Grapevine is there.
Our talent acquisition team uses external benchmarking, industry leading recruitment tools
and our personal connections.

The Best-of-the-Best
Grapevine only moves forward the top 10% of all candidates. Each candidate is
presented in a narrative format, customized to the request of the Client, along with a
professional resume. The Corporate Account Manager will work tirelessly to present
candidates within 7 days of the opening of the new requisition.

The Corporate Account Manager will schedule a weekly cadence call with the respective
members of the hiring team. Weekly, the hiring team will receive a report of the
Grapevine candidate pipeline and reminders of tasks that need to be completed.

Final Process
Scheduling interviews, coordinating schedules, and even booking travel - don't worry,
we have it covered. The Corporate Account Manager will ease the pain points of the
hiring process to make the candidate and client, alike, feel as though they have received
the red-carpet service that truly is The Grapevine Way.